We Took Our 3 Cheap Exotic Cars On An Epic Road Trip (It Went WRONG IMMEDIATELY)

Опубліковано 6 кві 2020
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On today's episode of Car Trek, AutoTempest challenged the guys to get to Amelia Island, a 300+ mile trip, with a twist. They had some precious cargo, and they had to time their stops. A real cannonball!
Tyler's Ferrari 360 is feeling the strain of the previous challenges, Freddy's Aston Martin V12 Vantage is questionable at best, and Ed's Lamborghini Gallardo is the wild card. Will they make it?
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  • VINwiki


    Місяць тому

    Cannonballing to Amelia Island in cheap exotic cars! What could go wrong?
    Narrator: Everything. Everything was going to go wrong.

    • CuZinIT131


      24 дні тому

      Ed's dream of the cannonball is something even shared by some non Americans. Road tripping and Cannonballing across America is the dream!!!

    • Milan


      Місяць тому

      @Clint Gliford *2035 any one?*

    • VS Industry

      VS Industry

      Місяць тому

      Vinwiki get off youtube man... You make the most boring videos!!

    • Laeadern


      Місяць тому

      @Dream Car Driving Everyone every wear loves this.....lol

    • Random Games Channel

      Random Games Channel

      Місяць тому

      Autogrande nahhh

  • Matt Nicholson

    Matt Nicholson

    3 дні тому

    For all the water added, I've yet to see Ed add coolant.. j/s

  • buffmaloney


    3 дні тому

    Still rather have a C8, C7 or a C6.

  • Daniel Foland

    Daniel Foland

    4 дні тому

    14:02 "That's not how it works."
    'That's how it works!"

  • HaronFrehBycon


    5 днів тому

    Okay, just needed to share this. Apparently "kill this thing I just got a text from auto tempest" was my bt speaker's cue to die. I'm still laughing as I type this.
    Also, I agree, this reminded me of Top Gear.

  • A.J. W.

    A.J. W.

    6 днів тому

    Freddy's voiceover on the scenic route was the stuff of legends... the drone shots of the ferry were special too. Can't wait for Season 2!

  • Regan Mahoney

    Regan Mahoney

    7 днів тому

    Funny thing about the Cannonball Run is that the record for the Cannonball Run has been broken 7 times in the COVID shutdown.

  • Swatch Diamond

    Swatch Diamond

    8 днів тому

    NA v8 v10 v12 yellow blue black

  • Hiza


    11 днів тому

    0:00 music link please :((

  • janne Magnusson

    janne Magnusson

    13 днів тому

    It really should be prohibited to drive convertibles with the roof down and the side windows up!!!
    Roof up - Windows up, Roof down - Windows down
    It's really that easy :)

  • Cameron Kennedy

    Cameron Kennedy

    14 днів тому

    Can they please be the new Top Gear America!!!

  • Scott Martin

    Scott Martin

    14 днів тому

    10:43 someone taking a picture of the Vantage.

  • Egil-Andre Ness Mortensen

    Egil-Andre Ness Mortensen

    15 днів тому

    No one could be so clueless, driving a high performance car not stopping when temp is going through the roof? And even starting it and rev it as if it would mysteriously fix itself after it dies? Its too eager attempt at creating car stories 🙉

  • Spencer B

    Spencer B

    17 днів тому

    haha 6:45 freddie: "I'm gonna have to press X to doubt"

  • cdtrack51


    17 днів тому

    Looks like a Top Gear wannabe. Not as good as the original, but it is entertaining. Which Top Gear episode are you going to copy next?

  • atkillar


    20 днів тому

    That ferry ride was like spotting the main characters in an anime movie with those colours.

  • Thomas Dawe

    Thomas Dawe

    21 день тому

    The advertising for the sponsor on this series was constant enough to give them consistent promotion, but just below the level where it would become annoying. Good job by their marketing department.

  • John Ramsey

    John Ramsey

    24 дні тому

    I genuinely enjoy this series and hope that it continues!

  • Your Name

    Your Name

    24 дні тому

    I don't think the fake, "Oh I got another text from auto tempest is really fooling anyone."

  • Josh Lepley

    Josh Lepley

    24 дні тому

    Those other two guys are straight nerds.

  • I am not here.

    I am not here.

    26 днів тому

    Edd Bolian as a drug dealer:
    So... I just snorted a commando line of coke off of kimis butt implants..... and my wife walks through the door.

    VIN wiki music plays 😂😂😂

  • Justin Pharand

    Justin Pharand

    27 днів тому

    this series is fuckin' great. Thanks for the content

  • Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones

    27 днів тому

    I gotta say that you guys just ruined the whole " we don't know how to talk on camera and drive" thing.
    This was a very good old school Top Gear ripoff.

  • MR.MEETs750 S

    MR.MEETs750 S

    28 днів тому


  • Tripp426


    29 днів тому

    Absolutely incredible production quality on this one.

  • Jose Medina

    Jose Medina

    Місяць тому

    That happened once to my Corvette I was in a McDonald's and it started overheating and never went into the red zone is cuz the cooling fan started to kick in and the car was warning me that I needed antifreeze and that's what it needed cuz I checked and it was kind of low

  • Chuck U Farley

    Chuck U Farley

    Місяць тому

    Episode 7 marked "Private" ?

  • Ron Yunis

    Ron Yunis

    Місяць тому

    3 of my favorite, most humble people. Thank you.

  • Steve Polhill

    Steve Polhill

    Місяць тому

    Top gear formula too a tee. All you were missing was the punishment car you'd have to drive if one of your cars broke down.

  • Leonardo Ochoa Olivera

    Leonardo Ochoa Olivera

    Місяць тому

    its like watching a cheap version of top gear

  • BetioBastardDoc


    Місяць тому

    This guy in the lambo is so damn annoying I mute it when he talks.

  • Liber Primus

    Liber Primus

    Місяць тому


  • AnassiGrammi


    Місяць тому

    Aaaah top gear usa

  • Carson Fletcher

    Carson Fletcher

    Місяць тому

    Honestly the only car that’s good looking is the Ashton Martin

  • RNGsus


    Місяць тому

    tyler essentially plays the role of richard hammond and i love it.

  • Maxim Radziuk

    Maxim Radziuk

    Місяць тому

    Did anyone see the photographer taking pictures of Freddy's Aston Martin at 10:43? lol
    Edit: I put the timestamp - I forgot to put it in the comment.

  • ZenTeT


    Місяць тому

    that black car omg so sleek and i dont even like cars!

  • ismir egal

    ismir egal

    Місяць тому

    Thank god i live in germany where there is no speed limit

  • duoam


    Місяць тому

    Ok, done play top gear, can se get back to our regular show now?

  • kris vanderwyk

    kris vanderwyk

    Місяць тому

    I’ve done the egg in the radiator trick many times, it’s not a old wives tale it works! (Don’t forget some pepper😁) Why not try it in a lambo? 🤔

  • Detective Plade

    Detective Plade

    Місяць тому

    Freddy: *helps Tyler and Ed with their cars
    Tyler and Ed: stickers are the best payback

  • TotheSoundOfThunderingEngine


    Місяць тому

    There's something the C8 is missing, the passion is missing. And it just doesn't sound as good as any of those.

  • james robinson

    james robinson

    Місяць тому

    Anyone else here a second or third time? I'd like to see a million views too, Freddie.

  • Kronosking01


    Місяць тому

    Press x to doubt lmao

  • Bigeyedfish28


    Місяць тому

    Such a cool series of videos!

  • Furness Prime

    Furness Prime

    Місяць тому

    View number two, just to prove that people want more of this. So, let's get it done.

  • jone kinsh

    jone kinsh

    Місяць тому

    That's the best thing you guys have done its actually the best car show I have ever seen

  • ricky bobby

    ricky bobby

    Місяць тому

    If that egg was a lambo part, it'd be 2950$$

  • 37robles


    Місяць тому

    This is an unabashed rip off of the old Top Gear format, and I absolutely love it for that.

  • Shawn March

    Shawn March

    Місяць тому

    Haha we use to pee in bottles on trips. WTH man suck it up. The water bottles empty anyway! Fill er up.
    Oh and turning your heater on is as old as cars on hot days. Try that in a 70's muscle car. Heater all the way...haha

  • Frank D'Silva

    Frank D'Silva

    Місяць тому

    That China shipping box in the end tho 😂

  • adrian fitzsimons

    adrian fitzsimons

    Місяць тому

    Why didn't anyone paint "NASCAR sucks" on his car?

  • Nelson Nwumeh

    Nelson Nwumeh

    Місяць тому

    22:24 I didn't know Ed had an earring lol

  • illegalmachine


    Місяць тому

    Tavarush: This isn't funny!
    Me: For once, I totally agree.

  • SAL


    Місяць тому

    You are awesome but Oh man how much I hate these two people trying to be funny

  • Minecraft Expert

    Minecraft Expert

    Місяць тому

    Please do another series like this but different cars

  • Joel Finny

    Joel Finny

    Місяць тому

    at 10:40 there's a guy that's taking photos lol.

  • Blake Meche

    Blake Meche

    Місяць тому

    Press X to doubt.. lol

  • Nelkun Kun

    Nelkun Kun

    Місяць тому


  • Jonathan Sefcik

    Jonathan Sefcik

    Місяць тому

    You three should be the new Top Gear crew

  • Unhealthy Krew

    Unhealthy Krew

    Місяць тому

    The whole "text from autotempest" thing is so blatantly staged it's actually awful

  • ActionHank


    Місяць тому

    @VINwiki I don't care what Tavarish said, you were right in the egg actually stopping a radiator leak. it's a last-ditch effort to until you can get to a repair shop, but it would have worked if you had needed it :-)

  • sadie376


    Місяць тому

    WTF was that flying by at 9:33? Lucky it didn't hit the cars...

  • J Upham

    J Upham

    Місяць тому

    Am I seeing this right? The car reporters are panicking that the new C8 has destroyed the exotic super car.

  • Mp drift spec

    Mp drift spec

    Місяць тому

    It is like top gear

  • Boris Pysarev

    Boris Pysarev

    Місяць тому

    Just add some "oh, cock" and we have something new to watch

  • ilya


    Місяць тому

    Y'all killed it with this episode! I felt like I got my TopGear fill for the week!

  • Zeeshan Mustafa

    Zeeshan Mustafa

    Місяць тому

    Gentleman you have produced the cheapest Top Gear, Grand Tour alternate and guess what? It’s actually 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Marcellus Coleman

    Marcellus Coleman

    Місяць тому

    Those car in review monologues were perfect

  • Lewd


    Місяць тому

    The "Press X to Doubt" Reference probably went way over Bolian and Hoovers head, lmao

  • Farrel Pramono

    Farrel Pramono

    Місяць тому

    5:41 is that neccessary Tyler?

  • Henry Forgie

    Henry Forgie

    Місяць тому

    That aston Martin looks 👌

  • Captain_Coleslaw


    Місяць тому

    When you snapped the club, i fucking laughed my ass off xD

  • Quentin Mead

    Quentin Mead

    Місяць тому

    Funny enough, at 4:05, I think there is a corvette in the background. It looks like an ‘08ish Z06 but still.

  • Ben Bean

    Ben Bean

    Місяць тому

    That Florida rest stop reminder my of the one fro lux rally... is it the one?

  • TN 4L

    TN 4L

    Місяць тому

    Welcome my friends... to Bottom Gear

  • Veikra


    Місяць тому

    Even in a 1992 ford tempo i've never put straight water in a cooling system. Distilled only. Ed is triggering my ocd

  • The Kor

    The Kor

    Місяць тому

    Ed age 15 years in less than an hour at 15:36

  • Justin Mabe

    Justin Mabe

    Місяць тому

    Hoovie is Hammond for sure lmao

  • Justin Mabe

    Justin Mabe

    Місяць тому

    9:00 They tryina race?